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Clearing your way to a creator life.



The time is now. Our beautiful planet is experiencing transformational shifts at lightning speed. Many of us are feeling the call to step into our Mastery; knowing that in order to be of greatest assistance, we must be as clear as possible in body, mind, and spirit. We must embody our higher levels and consistently operate from our high-heart, no longer letting the little-self or past conditioning run the show. 

Although easier said than done, this is both mission critical and entirely possible. My passion is helping leaders to clear their internal & external environments of distractions and distortions as well as to create infrastructure to support and sustain their natural, divine, creator state.



My sessions are designed to activate and amplify what is possible; to clear the space within and around you to allow for your optimal creativity to flow. 

I provide practical insights and actionable tools to allow you to unlock the support of both your external environment and the infinite source of power within.


When you are clear and connected, you are able to effectively & efficiently manage any situation with greater peace, optimism, clarity, & grace.


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April is a gem, a spark of light, a piece of magic in this game we call life. In working with April, she continuously encouraged me to lean into the discomfort of trusting my own intuition, while staying by my side throughout the process. Her ability to calmly listen, become curious when necessary, and remind me to trust deeper has allowed me to unfold all of my gifts for others to see and feel. When you say yes to working with April, you say yes to your life being transformed forever. I now zoom out and look back on the person I was 10 years ago, and say, "Wow, who was she?" April's encouragement has forever changed my life.

Jen P.



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