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Are your attempts to connect to your inner wisdom a little like trying to find the spare key in a junk drawer? You KNOW it’s there- but it sure is hidden under A LOT of other crap...

Do you ever feel like life should be a lot easier than it is? Or have the inkling that perhaps you’re making things harder than they need to be?

Do you find yourself easily derailed despite your best efforts and wish you had more support to keep you on track?


Because those are all a resounding YES for me, over the years I have developed the Transformation Through Clarity Program and am delighted I get to invite you to join me in this journey.

This is a concise & proven system to lovingly guide you from a place of over thinking, over working, and overwhelm to a place of centered presence; allowing clear access to your intuition, creativity, and JOY.


If you want to hear and trust the guidance of your inner voice


If you'd like to be able to effortlessly & effectively navigate whatever situation you find yourself in

If you'd love for your words and actions to reflect your deepest truth; quickly moving you towards your desired outcomes


If you want to shine a light on the blindspots that sabotage your efforts for change and then easily let go of everything that is standing in your way of transformation

And this is definitely the program for you if you want

to spend more time ENJOYING life and less time trying to figure it all out!



You'll create more space for your creativity and expression.


You'll learn how to harness the energy of Feng Shui to create an environment that resonates at a higher frequency which will better support you and your goals.


How would your life change if you felt completely supported and divinely guided at every moment?

My passion is helping individuals reunite with the truth of who they are.



"To use a much used cliche, my entire life has changed. I’m also more conscious of my space and how it is affecting me. I can feel the difference in the energy of my home: much lighter, even sacred. April is inspiring, energetically supportive and magical.


My favorite thing about working with April is that she is very accepting and caring and she has a magical energy. I love how strong her intention is to solve problems. It’s not just practical issues that were resolved, but the energetic infusions involved that raised my energies higher and got me moving, so to speak. I have a changed mental attitude about things. A real 360 shift. I’m elated by this program. It’s a super big shot in the arm.


Before working with April I had difficulty getting rid of things and I was afraid that what I threw out would be needed one day. I really needed encouragement to tackle that which I needed to throw out, and to reorganize my living space to be more comfortable, attractive and efficient. I was afraid I couldn’t do the program properly because April stressed she wanted to work with people who were serious about the program. But the opposite happened and I could follow the program and experience great changes.


Now I’m seeing life in a very different, more high frequency way. I’m much more of a problem solver than before. I was in a bit of an apathetic state of mind regarding my apartment. Now I’m energetic and excited to be doing the things that need to be done, like washing the dog’s blankets and towels more often. I have more energy, I’m more efficient and more motivated to cook dishes, get the laundry folded right out of the dryer, keep the dishes and floors clean more often.


I definitely recommend this program. Working with April was beyond my wildest expectations. I didn’t even consider anything like what happened for me when I began this program. I thought “Oh good, I’ll just do a lot of clutter clearing.”

Nothing even close. It was truly magical - life, attitude and behavior changing for me. And I am continuing to experience benefits from having done it." - Sharlene Ellsworth

"My struggle before we started working together was that I felt too scattered and overwhelmed. I needed someone who could hold my “overwhelm” and help me get through it. When we first spoke, I felt your calm energy and it calmed me down. I felt that someone like April would be able to hear me and help me move forward without feeling stuck or overwhelmed.


After the program, one of the biggest things that keeps coming to me at different times is: Expand my capacity to love and not judge. It comes when I feel judgemental and when I see others as judgemental. We also talked about home organization and clutter, and I realized that the outside is a reflection of the inside. I still use that.


I felt really good after our chats. Much calmer and clearer.


My favorite thing about working with April was her simplistic approach to what I thought was complex. AND her calm energy. (I’m using simplistic as a compliment! I tend to complicate things that don’t have to be complex and I need help simplifying them.)


Thank you for holding space and sharing your wisdom with me, April! Thank you for being patient and kind, for listening without judging and offering practical tools to help me move forward, I appreciate it all!"

- Vanja Markovic


"April is a gem, a spark of light, a piece of magic in this game we call life. In working with April, she continuously encouraged me to lean into the discomfort of trusting my own intuition, while staying by my side throughout the process.


Her ability to calmly listen, become curious when necessary, and remind me to trust deeper has allowed me to unfold all of my gifts for others to see and feel. When you say yes to working with April, you say yes to your life being transformed forever.


I now zoom out and look back on the person I was 10 years ago, and say wow, who was she? April's encouragement has forever changed my life." - Jen Pinter



The program is composed of 6 modules. Each including a recorded lesson and practices to be completed on your own PLUS a 60 minute Clarity Session with me. (6 in total.)


Each Clarity Session is unique as we clear energetic blocks, and unlock & activate new potentials for you through divine guidance.


Module 1: Clarity

Module 2: Support

Module 3: Assessment & Feng Shui

Module 4: Letting Go & Creating Space

Module 5: Creating Systems

Module 6: Moving Forward


Also included is a Feng Shui Consultation during Module 3. Together we'll identify areas in your physical environment that are in need of an energetic overhaul and lay out the pathway for you to achieve that!


All 1:1s will be via Zoom. You will have access to all the support material through the program's online portal.


This is an 8 week program with 6 one on ones, a Feng Shui Consultation, and extra materials and practices that will support you in your transformational journey.​


Start date: 03/08/2021

End date: 05/07/2021 (No sessions the week of April 5th)​


When are the sessions? You will have access to my online calendar and may choose times that are convenient to you.


If you would like to show up with as much kindness and compassion as you can and you are inspired to leave the world in better shape than you found it.


If you feel like your patterned behavior might be what's standing in your way.


If you are ready to clear your blindspots and be immersed in an environment that not only supports you, but also lifts you up.


If you are ready to step into your gifts, mastery, and magnificence.


If you are ready to live a sacred life, embodying your higher levels and being divinely guided.

If you are ready for deep transformation, then this is YOUR opportunity!

We have amazing bonuses for the program's participants:


  • 25% off Clarity Sessions (Unlimited & redeemable through April of 2022)

  • For the duration of the program, you get private Voxer (message app) access to me Monday - Friday during my business hours (9-5 pm Pacific). I will check Voxer 2-3 times each day and you can expect a response within one business day. I encourage you to use it as much as you need, but kindly ask that you be intentional with voice notes and pointed with questions.​

  • 3 Reframe & Recode Sessions. If you’ve hit a minor snag and need a little help, but don’t need a full Clarity Session… these 15 minute sessions are awesome to have in your arsenal. (Redeemable through December of 2021).


(Please repeat that in late-night-infomercial style, if you didn't naturally read it that way the first time. )

My mission is to bring grace and clarity into the world and to leave my world a more beautiful place than I found it. I want to offer beauty to every situation I’m in and to every person I’m with.


As a kid I loved spending time with animals, being outside, and playing sports with my big brother. With time I grew into the mold of the ‘good little midwestern girl’ and with that came a fear of doing or saying anything wrong.


I relied on my intelligence, curiosity, logic skills, keen observation and adherence to rules to keep me ‘safe’. This mostly worked for me. I was a happy kid who excelled in school, was good in sports, and was liked by my peers and elders.

aj headshot small.jpeg

But what if I say something wrong??


When I began my spiritual journey in earnest in my early twenties, I was especially interested in developing intuition. Looking back, I think it was because at the time I equated intuition with safety (with a lot less work than I was doing). Energetically, I was a little like a herding dog; constantly keeping track of what everyone was doing, saying, and feeling emotionally so that I could make sure to keep everyone happy and on track- and not do anything to rock the boat. Oh, it exhausts me and invokes such compassion just thinking about it.


The ironic part of this- and yet another example of the universe’s sense of humor- is that my intuition was always there, but to hear it I had to let go of my reliance on logic and reason. I had to find courage to venture to say something that I had no evidence for- other than an inner knowing.


But what if I say something wrong??


This question was so ripe with fear that I was blinded by the fact that it is, indeed, a question. What if I say something wrong? Then I’ll have said something wrong. Period. I won’t die. (My ego will die a little bit- but isn’t that the whole point of a spiritual journey anyway?)


I’m happy to say that with enough practice I did learn to find my inner voice and can reliably bring it forth. I still don’t like saying or doing anything ‘wrong’, but I’m no longer imprisoned by it. I trust that all moments will move me towards expansion.


I’ve found that operating from a place of true self and trust in the universe is an extremely practical, efficient, and joyful way to live in this world.


I have the honor of getting to help people create beautiful lives for themselves and those around them by helping them marry the spiritual with the practical and guiding their transformation through clarity.


I'm a sucker for a good pun, levity & keeping it light. As I always say: "It's easier to do the heavy lifting, when you keep it light."

(Ok, I don't always say that... I only came up with it about a month ago... but I plan on saying it from now on! )


I live in northern California with my college sweetheart, Brian, our daughters Grace & Claire (I guess you could say I took my mission to bring grace & clarity into the world quite literally!) and our dog, Angus.

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