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Spring Cleaning & Clearing: A 30 Day Challenge

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

I'd like to invite you to join me in a 30 day Spring Cleaning & Clearing Challenge.

We're not looking to add more to-dos or more stress into our daily routine, instead, we're looking to harness the power of community accountability and the spirit of a challenge to help us clean up and clear out small energy drains. Little bits add up and even the tiniest pinhole poked in the bottom of an inflatable swimming pool will result in a drained pool. This is true for us as well… all these nagging to-dos and pockets of clutter add up to a noticeable energy drain.

The details:

For the next thirty days (Thursday April 22nd through Friday May 21st) complete one small project each day.

It could be ANYTHING! No project too small! Cleaning out a drawer or shelf, making an appointment, going to the post office, deleting old emails, mopping the floor… whatever little nagging projects or to-dos you have are all fair game.

That's it. If you join us late, no problem, still join. If you miss a day, no problem, keep going.

HACK: The Completed To-Do List

A client and dear friend shared this amazing trick with me. My experience with it has been that it is surprisingly effective. When you write your To-Do List, write it in the past tense; as if the item were already done. It shifts the energy and paves the way for completion!

OPTIONAL: Once your daily talks is completed, write how you feel, or a note of congrats to yourself next to the item on your list. (At the end of the thirty days, you’ll have a lot of extra love to soak up as you read all your comments.)


Completed! Comments

-called dentist - I feel relieved!

-cleaned out medicine cabinet - It looks so good. Love it!

PLEASE: Share your journey! Comment on this post and share as you please. (If you want to share any photos with the group- before/ after pics or pics of your Completed To-Do List- email to me and I’ll add them to a post- as the comment section doesn’t support adding photos. )

I’m here to support you! I’m committed to actively checking the comments of the blog post for these 30 days and supporting and celebrating as necessary! I hope you'll join me in this simple way to reset and reclaim your energy.

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Sara Walke
Sara Walke
Apr 29, 2021

Monday: ditched some unkind thoughts. (Thanks for your help, April). Felt lighter.

Tuesday: hmmm...straightened my office.

Today: I recycled some packing material that I was holding on to "just in case." That little corner of my office looks and feel so much better!


April Gallagher
April Gallagher
Apr 28, 2021

Yesterday wasn't very noteworthy, (oh- except costco & groceries!) but today I dropped off the rest of the garage is starting to look & feel so good!


April Gallagher
April Gallagher
Apr 27, 2021

Today was (is) a good day! I hung the curtains in the garage! I donated the books from the garage! I donated the clothes from the garage! I dropped off the laser ink cartridges to cartridge world to be reused!! Wahoo! I feel great! ...I still have a load of houseware-ish type stuff to donate... but progress has been made!!


April Gallagher
April Gallagher
Apr 26, 2021

Yesterday: I had a kick-butt day! I knocked out 3 nagging projects on my computer & uploaded a video to my course.

Today: I ordered a necessary component to hang 'velvet' curtains in my garage. (hanging those curtains has been on my to do list since last June!)

I'm feeling satisfied and encouraged by the forward movement.


Sara Walke
Sara Walke
Apr 25, 2021

Yesterday: I actually used up a few bits of yarn from my stash!

Today: I finished a project that had been put aside for a few months.

Feeling crafty!

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