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The Meaning of Life?

March 10, 2021 (from email)

Hello friend!

I come from a long line of jokers. Jokesters? (I just looked it up. Turns out, both. I come from a long line of jokers: people who are fond of joking AND jokesters: people who enjoy making or telling jokes.)

As a kid I learned that in my family, teasing was a sign of affection; it meant you belonged. Sarcasm runs deep, dead pan is standard, and puns are par for the course. To this day, no conversation with my mother is 100% serious; and over the years we've dealt with ER visits, cancer, and the death of both her parents.

It probably comes as no surprise that I LOVE joking around and being silly. Heck, ‘PLAY’ is my key word for 2021.

And yet, it happens. I forget and I start taking myself too seriously. I loose sight of what's important and put importance on perfection. Stress and doubt creep in and presence and confidence slip away. (Not much fun.)

Thankfully I don't remain too serious for too long. My kids remind me to be silly, my dog reminds me to play 🐶🎾 , my friends remind me to laugh, and my mom reminds me to call her. 😉

I've noticed that when I'm playful I am a lot more outgoing, a lot more willing to make mistakes, and a lot quicker to rebound. Resilience is a good word to describe the superpower that playfulness brings.

They do say laughter is the best medicine.

As you go about your days, I invite you to remember to have some fun. Find ways to lighten up, shake it off, and enjoy.

When life threatens to weigh you down, levity can keep you afloat.

And, who knows? Maybe, just maybe, the meaning of life is to enjoy it.



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