Clearing your way to a creator life.




Clutter gets a bad rap, but I happen to LOVE clutter.


I've been playing with clutter professionally for over 15 years and have come to realize that clutter can brilliantly lead us to the life we are longing to live. Understanding clutter provides invaluable insight into the workings of our lives and minds and is an efficient way to disentangle from the ego.


I’d go so far as to say that a functional relationship with clutter can clear a path to enlightenment.



From Clutter to Clarity
A Breakthrough Session

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or uninspired in your home or work life?

Do you find yourself easily distracted and thrown 'off-track' from what's important to you?

Do you feel sapped of energy and disconnected from your personal power?

Do you find it difficult to make decisions or to take action on things you know will benefit you?

If so, the From Clutter to Clarity Breakthrough session could be just the catalyst you are craving to put your

life back in alignment. Over the course of 2.5 hours, in your home or office, we will: 


  • Clarify your vision for your limitless life

  • Conduct an energetic Feng Shui reading of your space

  • Identify physical, mental, and spiritual clutter and create a plan for clearing it





“April is like NO other person I have ever worked with. She has a VERY special talent and comes from a place of love and light. She is an awakening coach and is trained to help people let go of the past and open their heart for the future.. ”

Jen P.



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